Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Freya's Ironworks Mesh Menswear

As many know I am not the most consistent with blogging but I thought it was time to start writing more often. Freya's Ironworks has refined it's purpose. Freya's Ironworks focus is men's mesh fashion. FIW still sells women's clothing and furniture. Here are a few samples of FIW men's mesh clothing being sold. The styles range from sexy/playful to formal/classy. FIW carries clothing for every setting.

The Mesh Men's Harness represents the sexy/naughty/playful clothing that can be found at FIW. 

The Mesh Men's Suit represents our clothing for every occasion.


FIW - carries Tuxedo's for every occasion for both men and women. Classic through Holiday formal wear for men and women can be found at Freya's Ironworks.

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